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Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center in Bloomington, MN


Alliance Wellness Center in Bloomington, MN

Finding the right alcohol or drug treatment center can be the hardest part of beginning the recovery process. Turn to Alliance Wellness Center in Bloomington, MN, a reliable wellness center that offers rehabilitation programs for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We are a dedicated team of trained professionals that offers individualized treatment programs.
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To provide supportive services that bring healing and hope for individuals., families, and communities affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs.


An agency known for excellence in substance abuse services, with a special focus in addressing mental health.
Our Services Include:
  • Adult Chemical Dependency Treatment
  • Rule 25 Assessments
  • 12 Residential Beds
  • Community Education and Awareness
  • Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Domestic Violence programming
  • Anger Management Programming
Specialized Treatment Tracks:
  • Culturally Specific Treatment
  • Mental Health Screening/Assessment, Education and Referral
Additional Treatment Services:
  • Transportation to and from Treatment
  • Driving with Care - Level 1 and Level 2
Alliance Wellness Center is a locally owned treatment center. We are unique in our approach, we deliver treatment to multiple cultures. Bringing wellness to those that seek our help. Call us at (952) 562-3740 to schedule an appointment. We welcome you with open arms.