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We're Here For You

Alliance Wellness Center is a trusted addiction treatment center in Bloomington, MN that offers multicultural services delivered by a qualified staff. Rely on us for services that focus on mental health issues and addiction. Alliance Wellness Center is under the leadership of Yussuf Shafie, and our multidisciplinary team of professionals who deliver quality substance abuse treatment to men and women.

About The Founder

Yussuf Shafie
Yussuf Shafie MSW, LGSW a graduate of the University of MN. Yussuf is an active and well-respected member of the addiction community. He completed his internship with the Community University Health Care Center as a Social Work Triage Specialist, and he continued on as a Mental Health Practitioner with CUHCC. In 2015, Yussuf opened Alliance Wellness Center in Bloomington, MN, a DHS licensed Chemical Dependency Outpatient Treatment Program. He is also part of the Minnesota Trauma Project and a Board Member of Minnesota Recovery Connection. Yussuf's passion is to bring wellness to those affected by addiction and mental health problems.

About The Staff

We have staff full of professional and experienced individuals. Each one of our licensed counselors are client focused and eager to help you address your chemical dependency and mental health needs. With experience we will be able to help develop a treatment plan that’s catered to you. We believe addiction is a journey and we’re here for you every step of the way.

Alliance Wellness Honors and Recognition